Review of Bertoni’s sprayer – by MAD In the field

The magazine MAD – In the field, very well known among the operators of the sector, has dedicated an in-depth review to our sprayer.


As pioneers in the field, MAD dedicated an article to us in which every key aspect of our sprayer is analyzed in detail.

Starting with our patented L’Arcobaleno recovery system, the publisher has emphasized the ecological characteristics of the machine, focusing on the technical vanguards that differentiate our product from other sprayers.


Macchine Agricole del Domani wanted to objectively analyze the actual savings that the machine guarantees; among the various qualities, the recovery of the phytosanitary product and the wetting efficiency were preferred. In the last pages it is also mentioned that the power demand to the tractor is equal to 11,2 kW, about 15 HP, allowing the use also to low power tractors.


As mentioned in the conclusion:

“The Bertoni 2 TR 200 has proved capable of achieving the objectives for which it was designed. It was used at sprouting by spraying 400 L/hectare of mixture and allowing a recovery of 320 L/hectare.  With the thickening of the foliage, at the end of June, 600 L/hectare of mixture was sprayed, with a recovery of 400 L/hectare.  The degree of wetting was homogeneous and optimal in all parts of the foliage and there were no dripping effects of phytosanitary mixture from the vegetation. The fact of treating 2 rows simultaneously had a positive effect on the operation time, which was equal to about 20 minutes/hectare, and also on consumption, since using a 105 hp tractor it was equal to about 6.5 L/hour”.


This combination of factors was therefore worth a positive review, confirming the added value our sprayer can bring.


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