Bertoni Green Technology
La nostra innovativa gamma di irroratrici a tunnel
Bertoni Green Technology
L’innovativo sistema di ventilazione brevettato, unico ed inimitabile

I nostri prodotti

Irroratrice a tunnel modello PM

Ideale per lavorare in filari distanti più di 2,20 metri in collina


Irroratrice a tunnel modello TM

Ideale per lavorare in filari distanti più di 1,60 metri


Irroratrice a tunnel modello TR

Ideale per lavorare in .filari distanti da 2,00 a 3,80 metri



The safest sprayer system… the ecology becomes even economical.

Reduction in costs

cost reduction
  • Tractor consumption is reduced thanks to a low power absorption
  • The active principle is saved since product dispersion drops
  • The product not being settled on vegetation is reused so increasing also the efficiency of treatment

Improvement in quality

  • Product distribution is improved and it is perfectly homogeneous with a uniform and targeted soaking
  • Product penetration is improved so reaching also the most inside parts of vegetation
  • The phytosanitary condition is improved and the number of requested interventions is reduced

Increase in productivity

increas productivity
  • The possibility of making phytosanitary treatments is now a reality also in presence of strong wind
  • The time is reduced because the sprayer treats both the sides of rows at the same time
  • Working autonomy is increased since the recovered plant protection product can be reused

Environment protection

  • 95% of mixture supplied is recovered so preventing air dispersion and reducing considerably waste of product on the ground. L’Arcobaleno can work even near “buffer zone”
  • Tractor exhaust emission is reduced because of limited power needs
  • Operator’s health is protected since the air he breaths is not polluted by plant protection products