The new air ventilation system patendted, unique and incoomparable


“L’Arcobaleno” is the first column-type sprayer able not only to recover efficiently plant protection products, which are not intercepted by the vegetation, but also to reuse them, increasing their deposit.
L’Arcobaleno’ s spraying system is exclusive and incomparable.
For thi reason it’s the only who reached prestigious awards.

“If you consider the recovering sprayer ability to improve plant protection products distribution of 25%, and if you add the ability to recover at least 30% of the sprayed product, totally you can reach a plant protection products saving that’s near 45%.
Assuming that the annual expense  to buy chemical for treatments is 1.000 €/ha, using the recovering sprayer you can save 450 €/ha.

This amount deeply affect the farm budget and is enought to explain the higher price of this kind of sprayer.”

These advantages are proved by test in the field made by Bologna’s University and also Torino’s University DEIAFA.