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L’Arcobaleno: The safest spraying philosophy that makes ecology even economical

“L’Arcobaleno” is the first tunnel sprayer capable of efficiently recovering pesticides not intercepted by vegetation and reusing them, while increasing storage.

The first tunnel sprayer with electric ventilation

The only tunnel sprayer with vortex ventilation

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Time for a change of air

With L’Arcobaleno you can see the difference

Before: traditional sprayer
Now: L’Arcobaleno

Respect the environment

It recovers 95% of the spray mixture, preventing it from being dispersed into the air and significantly reducing ground losses.

Reduces tractor exhaust emissions thanks to a power requirement that is more than 50% lower than that of conventional sprayers.

Thanks to its efficient recovery system, it can also be used near sensitive or protected areas, such as roads and residential areas.



Air vortex ventilation improves product penetration and distribution

Arcobaleno is the only and innovative tunnel sprayer with an air vortex ventilation system that improves product penetration and distribution.

By reducing drift to a minimum, it allows safe treatment even in windy and adverse conditions.


The certainty of a patented, award-winning technology

L’Arcobaleno is a unique technology, and the only one to have won several prestigious awards.

EIMA 2005
Premio Ambiente 2010
Premio Impresa Ambiente

Health protection

Safeguards the health of the operator and any people or animals in the vicinity.

Significantly reduces noise pollution, promoting an easy and silent user experience.

Significantly reduces excess emissions, helping to reduce groundwater pollution.

Calculate how much you can save with L’Arcobaleno

Use the Rainbow calculator to see how much you could save each year.

Adding together the sprayer’s ability to improve leaf deposition of the sprayed product by around 25% and to recover at least 30% of the sprayed product, a total saving of around 45% of the sprayed product is achieved.

If the annual cost of purchasing pesticides to treat the vineyard is 1,000 €/ha, with the Arcobaleno the saving is around 450 €/ha. This is a significant figure in the company’s balance sheet and alone justifies the purchase cost of the Arcobaleno sprayer.

Annual cost comparison
Traditional sprayer VS L’Arcobaleno

Select the number of hectares and the annual cost of treatments per hectare


Annual treatments per hectare:

Select machine type

By using L’Arcobaleno, you amortise the cost machine in years.

Do you have few hectares or do you do few treatments?

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