Tunnel sprayer PQ / P3-L model
Ideal for working in rows up to 1.20 metres apart


Standard setup

L’Arcobaleno® is the unique and innovative tunnel sprayer with an air vortex ventilation system improving product penetration and distribution and eliminating drift allowing spraying even in windy conditions and in the vicinity of buffer zones such as roads, houses, etc., thus safeguarding the environment to the fullest.

  • 1000 litre fibreglass tank
  • Built-in circuit-washing tank and hand-washing canister
  • Support chassis equipped with quick couplings to allow easy and quick release of our implement from the self-propelled vehicle by means of a special stand structure
  • Tank filling/emptying kit accessible from the ground
  • Brass pump for product dispensing and mixing with Viton membranes
  • Hydraulic agitators ensure excellent mixing
  • Brass pump for product retrieval with Viton membranes
  • Alternator with “Brushless” technology does not require batteries
  • Double panels 300 mm deep
  • IP68 electric fans equipped with special protection grid (N°3 – H l000 mm)
  • Easily accessible and highly reliable filtering system ensures high working autonomy
  • rass and Viton nozzle holder with ATR Albuz nozzles (Brown – Yellow)
  • Spraying unit with solenoid valves and electric pressure regulating valve, adjustable from the control panel
  • The pressure sensor allows to check the spraying pressure on the control panel inside the cab
  • Panel bottom and liquid interception wall can open to ease cleaning procedures
  • All 5 panels are equipped with an adjustable anti-collision joint
  • Telescopic structure made of adjustable hexagonal profiles like those on cranes
  • Electro-hydraulic system to manage all movements with your self-propelled vehicle’s couplings via the control panel in cab
  • PLC computer manages and automates the movement of the structure according to the distance between the rows and the opening between the conveyors saved in the display
  • Foldable structure for road circulation
  • Document holder complete with user and maintenance manual, toolbox, and suitable for storing labels of chemical products, as required by current regulations

Bertoni Srl reserves the right to confirm the list price only after having carefully assessed both the Customer’s requests and the technical specifications of the self-propelled machine and also reserves the right to evaluate any additional accessories.

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B  [mm]

C  [mm]

D  [mm]

E [mm]

F  [mm]

G  [mm]



PQ 100

600-1.000 lt








11,2 kW – 15 CV

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