Rotary subsoiler – 2020 EIMA technical innovation with Selvatici

The 2020 EIMA Technical Innovation competition saw two prizes awarded to Bertoni.

SAFIM with its innovative product for single delivery hydraulic braking that chose Bertoni for its tests. And Selvatici which commissioned by our company, has developed a new machine that sheds light on an unexplored niche market.


We are talking about the brand new rotary subsoiler, a machine capable of performing a unique tillage. The subsoiler is able to work in extreme conditions, both in wet and dry soil. The demand for power is lower allowing a fuel saving of about 30% compared to traditional methods, as well as less soil compaction. This patented innovation is the result of years of research and development, field trials and collaborations with local universities.


Bertoni has chosen Selvatici as a partner to ensure a solid entry into the market. This collaboration made in Emilia-Romagna has allowed the machine to obtain the “EIMA 2020 Technical Innovation” award.

To learn more, click here and visit the EIMA page dedicated to the news.


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