ROTORIPPER Rotary Ripper
Technical innovation EIMA 20/21

Product designed, patented by Bertoni Srl and made in collaboration with Selvatici Srl.


Depth: 15/40 cm
Working speed: 1 / 4 km/h

This ripper is an implement mounted to the three-point hitch of your tractor and driven by a power take-off. It consists of a number of shanks, at the end of which special non-commercial blades are bolted at a specific angle to favour their entry into the soil. he distinctive feature of this machine is that the shanks are not fixed like in traditional subsoilers but driven by a crankshaft system that makes the implement move differently and breaks up the soil much more finely than with a traditional ripper. The bottom-up movement of the terminal knife brings layers of fertile soil to the surface and mixes them with the surface layers that are already more heavily exploited, improving the soil structure itself. The machine works at an adjustable depth using gauge wheels, which generally range between 15 cm and 40 cm. All joints are on state-of-the-art self-lubricating bearings, so maintenance is straightforward and merely involves checking the oil level in the box.

Compared to all other PTO-driven implements that are hardly suitable for working deep into stony or particularly compact soils, our rotary subsoiler has this peculiarity.

The work of the rotary subsoiler is almost comparable to that of a traditional ripper at a working depth of 30 to 35 cm and a finishing implement such as a tiller or harrow, as it leaves the soil structure unchanged, but also refines it almost to the point of preparing it for subsequent sowing, while still reaching considerable working depths.

Moreover, some studies by the University of Bologna show that the operating costs, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions of the Rotoripper are 30% lower than when using a conventional ripper and tiller combined.

The operating speed is 30% higher than that of a conventional spading machine of the same size. By distributing the power of the tractor between towing and soil ripping, it requires less Hp than current systems and therefore significantly reduces running costs for the end-user, fuel consumption, and consequently polluting gas emissions.

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Modello Larghezza [cm] HP
N° ancore Kg
RR1354 135 40/95 29/70 4 700
RR1806 180 50/95 36/70 6 890
RR2006 200 50/95 36/70 6 900
RR2508 250 58/95 42/70 8 1.100

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