Tunnel sprayer TRM Multifunction model
Ideal for working in rows from 2.00 to 3.80 metres apart


Standard set-up

The chassis of our TR model trailed two-row sprayer lends itself to being used as a multifunctional frame thanks to its peculiarities: stability, manoeuvrability, visibility, lightness, ease of coupling and set-up.

Therefore, it can be utilised to improve the use of other machines in the vineyard, hitherto carried or attached to the tractor. This way, you can even work on two rows simultaneously.

  • Chassis complete with rear footboard, grommets, fibreglass side covers and lights
  • Tandem double tilting axle with 13.0/55-16 wheels
  • Device to lift rear balance wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Hydraulic brake to be connected to your tractor’s trailer brake coupling
  • Lifting device for raising/lowering equipment
  • Telescopic unit made of adjustable hexagonal profiles like those on cranes
  • Adjustable anti-collision joint on external equipment
  • Electro-hydraulic system to manage all movements with your tractor’s connections


  • Rod kit with blades – No. 4 vertical rods with 5 blades and safety joint – No. 2 horizontal “top” rod with 4 blades, rear rotation, and special safety joint – No. 4 lower “top” rods with 1 knife – No. 4 complete skid-lifts
  • Independent hydraulic kit operated by power take-off – Double pump 40 + 40 litres – 90 litre oil tank with radiator – Solenoid valves for independent drive of right and left-hand motors
  • Spraying kit – 1500 litre tank – Diaphragm pump – Solenoid valve unit (general + right + left)
  • Led taillights
  • Led lights to illuminate inside panels and flashing beacon
  • G4 cardan shaft with a homokinetic joint
  • Hydraulic parking jack

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