Technical Innovation EIMA 2022

Product made in collaboration with OLMI S.R.L.

Multifunction Leaf-remover Sprayer

Improves the quality of the grapes and reduces the number of passages with the tractor.

The TRM-VORTEX Multifunction tool was created to be able to carry out various processes in the vineyard, by applying various equipment to a single towed frame:

  1. Pneumatic defoliation on 2 complete rows with the innovative Vortex system of Olmi. Sanitizing and healing treatment on the grape band.
  2. Complete treatment on 2 rows with air jet to support the nebulized product which allows the localization and differentiation of the jet only where necessary (under construction).
  3. Optional vertical trimming bar with top trimming head

The combination of the defoliation process together with the sanitizing treatment allows to optimize the work and obtain the maximum benefits from two processes, in fact a risk of fungal infections is immediately eliminated.


  • Easier use for the operator.
  • Improvement of the result of each intervention time.
  • The timed intervention of the spraying treatment combined with trimming and defoliation allows to minimize any risk of fungal infections on the grapes.
  • Excellent stability and visibility during manoeuvres.
  • Drastic cost reduction since, with a single passage 2/3 processes are carried out simultaneously with only 1 operator and a single tractor.
  • Drastic reduction of the environmental impact, less Diesel and less soil compaction.
  • The pneumatic leaf remover selectively eliminates the leaves in the fruiting area throughout the thickness of the vineyard, safeguarding younger leaves
  • Performs the bunch cleaning from flower residues and eliminates harmful insects such as moths.
  • Reduces waste of phytosanitary product because the sprayed product directly reaches the cleaned bunches.
  • Time reduction, that are needful for the plant defence.
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